All members violating these terms of use will have their account terminated immediately and will forfeit all earned and purchased credits.

  1. Your page may open a maximum of 1 pop up window, sites with more than one are not permitted and will be banned from our service. Those of you who are bothered by pop ups should download and use a pop up elimination software.

  2. Your page may not close the Virtual Traffic Jam frame. Our software will automatically delete any URL that breaks frames and suspend the account of the person who entered it into our system.

  3. You may not use any auto-refreshing devices or auto-surf programs. Our anti-cheat detection methods WILL find out who you are and ban you from our entire system permanently. Use of this software is the equivalent of stealing from our members and will be dealt with accordingly.

  4. Your site may not advertise or contain any of the materials listed:
      -Any Illegal activity, or anything our support team deems not family friendly

  5. Virtual Traffic Jam is not responsible for any lost credits, money, or any damages, loss of data, or other problems associated with using our services. No guarantees are made or implied as to the results of advertising with us as we have no control over the content of your website.

  6. SPAM is not tolerated and will result in cancellation of your account and loss of ALL credits! Spam is defined as Unsolicited Email. If you send out even ONE email promoting our website or services to anyone who didn't request that information and we get a complaint...goodbye ;o)

  7. Only one account per individual, company, or other organization is allowed. Our system now detects duplicate accounts and reports them to us. Violators will have all accounts deleted and will be banned from using our services.

  8. By enrolling in Virtual Traffic Jam you agree to receive periodic announcements, monthly newsletters and any other communications relevant to your membership with Virtual Traffic Jam at the email address used with your enrollment. Our newsletters may contain messages from our sponsors from time to time. You may unsubscribe from this mailing list at any time by terminating your Virtual Traffic Jam account. (see below)

  9. You MUST use a valid email address when enrolling in Virtual Traffic Jam. No auto-responders allowed! Auto-responses or bounced emails resulting from us sending our activation notice or any future email communications will result in cancellation of your account and loss of all credits whether credits have been paid for or not.

  10. Our sponsors are advertises on our website. Virtual Traffic Jam does not necessarily endorse or stand behind any product or service sold by our sponsors and we are not responsible for any claims or damages said to have been caused through use of said products and or services. Furthermore, all billing issues resulting from dealing with our sponsors need to be dealt with through the sponsor or sponsors you are doing business with. Virtual Traffic Jam will not intervene or mediate billing issues of any kind with any sponsor. However, should a sponsor be reported for conducting any type of illegal or deceptive business practice that sponsor or sponsors will be banned from further advertising priveleges on our website.
  11. Rebates and upgrades earned by completing sponsor offers can take up to 3 business days to credit to your account depending on how long it takes that particular sponsor to report your sale to us and for our accounting personnel to verify the completion of the offer.
  12. Rebates and upgrades earned by completing sponsor offers will accumulate in your account until a total of $100 US has been earned at which time a check will be issued to the member. Member must upgrade to our Super Surfer program and accumulate at least $100 US in his or her commission account to be eligible for commissions. Any amount less than $100 US in the commission account will stay in the account and accumulate until $100 is reached, until the member deletes his or her account, or until Super Surfer status is voluntarily terminated by the member or terminated by our accounting department for non-renewal. Deletion of member account whether voluntary or otherwise will result in forfeiture and loss of any and all accumulated commissions. Again...accounts will less than $100 US do not qualify to receive a check or any other type of payment under any circumstances. It is the responsibility of the member to upgrade his or her account and to promote our website to earn commissions. Virtual Traffic Jam makes no promises of earnings in any amount.
  13. You may not use your special link for Virtual Traffic Jam or any other traffic service as the website you promote. Doing so will cause your account to be automatically terminated. Our software scans the entire database on a daily basis and will automatically delete you if it finds your special code in your list of websites.
  14. You may include a maximum of 2 websites in your list of sites to promote. (10 for Super Surfer Members)
  15. Non-working URLs will result in loss of credits and suspension of your account. Please check your URLs often. If your account has been suspended, please submit a support ticket for help in resolving the issue. Click on the Contact Us link at the bottom to submit a ticket.
  16. Virtual Traffic Jam has the right to deny any member or site from using its services at any time, for any reason, and has the right to add to or change the terms of service at any time, without notice. Any members/sites denied from Virtual Traffic Jam for violations of the above will lose all credits and will not be allowed to join again.

  17. To keep you account active, you are required to visit a total of 10 websites per month, otherwise your account will be set to an inactive state until you have met the minimum surfing requirment again.  
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