Our basic membership is free worldwide and includes many features that other sites will charge you for.Welcome to VirtualTrafficJam.com!

Virtual Traffic Jam is unique in that we are more than just a traffic exchange. We are a full member community that offers everything you need to build your business under one roof, including guaranteed website traffic, targeted banner, text, and pay-per-click advertising, a built-in social network of entrepreneurs, built-in lead generation, audio/video marketing courses, turn-key money-making websites and much more. Everything we do is geared toward helping YOU get better results with your marketing.

While other sites insist on charging you money every month for their basic services, our basic member services are 100% FREE!

Virtual Traffic Jam Members Area - Real-time statistics, marketing tools, advertising resources and more.Here is a list of what we offer:

  •  Traffic Exchange

  •  Advertising Network 

  •  Member Community

  •  Lead Generator

  •  Banner Advertising 

  •  VTJ AdTracker / Link Cloaker

  •  Audio / Video Training Courses

  •  Earn Reward Points

Gary and Sherri Danko - Founders of Virtual Traffic Jam - Always here to help you with whatever you need to be more successful in your business and in your life.Our Founders - Gary and Sherri Danko

Virtual Traffic Jam was launched at the end of 1996 by Mr. Gary Danko of Tampa, Florida as a way to offer online entrepreneurs to get free traffic to their websites. Over the years our service has grown into a very large and prosperous network of International entrepreneurs. Sherri and Gary are always here to help you with anything you need to grow your business. They are dedicated to what they do and bring over 25 years of exceptional marketing experience to the table.

Here is a more detailed description of each of our services:

Traffic Exchange: A traffic exchange is a membership website where you can get free traffic to any website or websites that you own. You simply enter the website or websites you want to promote, then earn credits by looking at the websites of our other members. The other members also earn credits by looking at your website...thus the term, "traffic exchange". You "surf" other members' websites by clicking on a special "surf link" found in your members area. Click here for an example (opens in new window). Our traffic exchange is what started it all. We are one of the oldest and largest on the Internet with many thousands of members from all over the world. Free members get a 2:1 "surf ratio". This means that for every two websites you view on the system, you will earn one visitor credit. Each visitor credit you earn is worth one visitor to your website. Members who upgrade to our "Super Surfer" membership get a 1:1 surf ratio.

Advertising Network: Our advertising network breaks down into two sections; advertisers, and publishers. As an "Advertiser" you can place your banner and/or text ads (very similar to Google Adwords ads) through our Advertiser interface. Your banner and/or text ads will run throughout our highly targeted network of approved publisher websites. Placement is determined by bidding and you are only charged when a person actually clicks on your ad and goes to your website. This is referred to as "pay-per-click" or "PPC" advertising...and it is the most effective form of advertising on the Internet. As a "Publisher" you can earn money by placing our ad code on the pages of your websites, blogs,...etc. Every time a person clicks on one of our advertisers' ads on your website, you will share in the revenue from that advertisement. For example, let's say that you choose to run our 468 x 60 banner code on your blog and one of our advertisers runs a banner and bids $1.00 per click for that particular banner. Every time one of your website visitors clicks on that banner, you will earn 50 cents. This is a great way to monetize your website or blog, and you will generally have better results than running ads by Google Adsense. Being a publisher is FREE.

Member Community: Web 2.0 Social Networking has taken the Internet by storm. Having the ability to interact and network with other members of our community will help you to build relationships and eventually turn those relationships in to buying customers. You have the ability to chat live in our chat rooms, hold private meetings in password-protected rooms that you create, send internal messages to other members and more.

Lead Generator: Unlike other traffic exchange sites, we've taken this a LOT further by allowing you to offer our free service to other online entrepreneurs. By placing our banners on your websites and blogs, advertising your personalized Virtual Traffic Jam splash page in other traffic exchanges, emailing our pre-written emails to your lists,...etc., you will attract many online entrepreneurs who need a service like ours. When they join, they will show up in your members area under "view referrals" and you will see their names, phone numbers, and whether they are Free members or Super Surfer members. There is also a link to click and send your newly referred members an Internal Message through the VTJ Communicator. In this way, you can introduce these potential customers to your products, services, and/or opportunities. No other traffic exchange that we are aware of offers you this feature...especially for free.

Banner Advertising: Our standard banner advertising is very cost effective. It allows your banners to be rotated in the "surf bar" while our other members are surfing. You will get a ton of exposure this way and a lot of action. You convert your traffic credits to banner credits for free or you can purchase additional banner credits through our members area by using Reward Points that you earn. Keep in mind that these banners do not rotate through our Advertising Network. That is an entirely separate part of our website.

Website Design:We are happy to have recently added a new service to our list of services and use a company that is providing our clients affordable website design options. All of the designs are responsive and fully optimized to help your website get the most out of your marketing campaigns.



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